As the number and types of devices that are connected to the Internet continues to grow exponentially, a transformation in the design and functionality of these products is taking place. Market demands are calling for advancements in system intelligence, connectivity, packaging, apps, DevOps, APIs, software, vertical-market applications, monetization strategies for IoT devices.


To help you learn how to navigate this new, connected future Webcom has announced DeviceWerx, a symposium of its IoT West conference. www.iot-west.com This innovative new event is for OEM design engineers and application developers for smart, connected products, devices, mobile electronics, wearables on IoT Networks.


The event will be held November 3-4, 2016 at Green Valley Ranch Casino & Resort in Las Vegas, NV.


DeviceWerx sessions will explore the strategies, solutions and technologies that product and application developers can employ to improve their existing offerings and to create next generation connected devices. The event will provide a unique, powerful forum for engineers, technology developers and vendors to meet and network with top-level business prospects and partners in multiple markets.

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